thelightoftheblind:  Once you get this message, you must list five random facts about yourself and then pass it on to ten of your favourite followers :)

1) I’m currently going through another Primordial obsession. Hoooooly shit that band…

2) I have the most amazing boyfriend who I am currently missing very much

3) I’m starting my 2nd year of uni in 2 weeks and I’m rather scared about how hard the work will be

4) I’m doing some more art atm :)

5) I’m seeing Vreid in October and they’re going to play Windir songs aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh :D :D

Thank you!!


Have we arrived from our journey, I must ask you now
At last I can cry, ´cause these sad words are calling me tonight
My eyes bleed for you my star, my pride and the love of my heart
But why did you had to fly so far, I raged and it tore me apart
I promise to you with sadness and hate
wherever I might go, you will know…

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Caladan Brood |

"Marching Homewards" (Summoning Cover)

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