So I bought this awesome sleeveless leather thingy, and I’m really tempted to put my patches on it. :D Does anyone know how easy it is to sew patches on to leather? Its pretty thin, flexible leather. Or would I be better off putting them on my denim jacket?

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  1. makesyouweak answered: use a thicker needle, they sell some that are specifically made for leather. and use dental floss to sew it on, it’s stronger than string.
  2. moranaspestilence answered: :3
  3. aranarmo answered: If it’s only thin leather it shouldn’t be a problem. You could always use a leather needle (and thimble) if it gets tricky!
  4. unclejager said: it looks sorta like a jerkin or a vest.
  5. unclejager answered: it’s not too hard, depending on the thickness it’s no worse then denim.
  6. in-the-darkside-eclipse said: Wouldn’t it be easier to glue patches onto leather?
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